Grape Iris

Elsa Williams's Grape IrisNeedlepainting: long and short stitch Michelle Palmer / Elsa Williams design: Grape Iris

Elsa Williams’s Grape Iris

This is from a vintage Elsa Williams kit.

The supplied wool is Paternayan and the fabric is 51 percent linen and 49 percent …

Feather Stitch

Feather Stitching


You can see how long the stitches are here, to get the right angle going into the feather.…

Hydrangeas and Wisteria, silk ribbon flowers

Hydrangeas and WisteriaHydrangeas and Wisteria

Though I have Ms. Niekerk’s detail instruction book for this design panel I went to her website and viewed her tutorial on stumpwork Hydrangeas. Her instructions suggested using 2-3 different color stranded threads. I choose to use …

Yosemite Dogwood

Yosemite Dogwood

The design is called Sharon’s Yosemite Dogwood. The design is a 2.5 x 3.5 inch oval and pre-printed on ivory trigger cloth.

My sister gave this design to me as a kit purchased from the Nordic Needle web site. This …