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Pansy Trio, Trish Burr Design

Framed long-short trio

Trio of Pansies, designed by Trish Burr, worked in single stranded cotton floss on printed linen fabric. Approximate worked area is 9 by 10 cm. Several years ago Trish Burr offered most of her designs in a semi-kit that included … Read more

Peony Type Dahlia, Tanja Berlin kit

Peony Type Dahlia

Some people like to snuggle into a good book, I like to snuggle into a good embroidery kit. I do a lot of my own designs but my treat is to purchase a full kit. One that has a good … Read more

Adonis Blue Butterfly

Adonis Blue Buttterfly

Adonis Blue Butterfly, designer Trish Burr, DMC stranded cotton floss.

I decided not to add the cream satin stitch edge around the butterfly.

Worked area is approximately four inch square.

Adonis Blue Buttterfly… Read more

Red Poll Birdie

Red Poll

Red Poll, Tanja Berlin

Tanja Berlin Design: Red Poll. I like this design and plan to stitch a total of three of them as inserts for Christmas cards.

The designer Tanja Berlin offers a detail instruction booklet for this Red … Read more

Violets and Butterflies, Needle Painting

violets, trish burr

I greatly enjoy the Trish Burr’s kits, especially the fabric she uses such that I added two butterflies onto this piece so I could do a bit more stitching on the fabric.

Stitched design area is about 6 inch square. … Read more

Bearded Iris, Tanja Berlin design

single stranded DMC

Needlepainting: long and short stitch

Tanja Berlin Design: Iris

The designer Tanja Berlin offers a detailed instruction booklet for this Iris design and you can send photos and questions to her as you work the piece. Midway through my stitching … Read more

Mini-Robin, Trish Burr Design

Mini-Robin, Trish Burr Design

Needlepainting: long and short stitch

Trish Burr Design: Robin, DMC thread

I enjoyed stitching this little guy and the fun was greatly enhanced when several of us SF members (Stitchin’ Fingers website) who where stitching this piece begun chatting with … Read more

Bearded Iris, crewel yarn

crewel yarn

Needlepainting: long and short stitch

Tanja Berlin Design: Iris, crewel yarn.

I previously stitched this design in single stranded DMC cotton. When you purchase the Iris kit from Ms. Berlin you can purchase an extra piece of fabric with the … Read more

French Rose

French Red Rose

Needlepainting: long and short stitch

Trish Burr design: French Rose

Worked in single strands of DMC except for the French knots which I worked in three stranded, double knots. I did not use the suggested silk threads for hightlights as … Read more