Floral Panel, Hazel Blomkamp design

Floral panel, Hazel Blomkamp design

Needlepainting, Crewel

Crewel is my favorite stitching, especially Elsa Williams kits. In the last few months I have begun to stitch Hazel Bloomkamp (http://www.hazelblomkamp.co/) designs. For me crewel means a design worked in high quality 3-ply wool yarn, Hazel designs … Read more

New Bedford Bellpull, Elsa Williams design

New Bedford Bellpull, Elsa Williams

Elsa Williams design: New Bedford Bellpull

I liked the crewel yarns that came with this kit, but I wanted more range of orange through red colors so added Renaissance Dyeing Wool (formerly Broider Wul) and Fine d’Aubusson Embroidery Wool which … Read more

Bearded Iris, Tanja Berlin design

single stranded DMC

Needlepainting: long and short stitch

Tanja Berlin Design: Iris

The designer Tanja Berlin offers a detailed instruction booklet for this Iris design and you can send photos and questions to her as you work the piece. Midway through my stitching … Read more

Mini-Robin, Trish Burr Design

Mini-Robin, Trish Burr Design

Needlepainting: long and short stitch

Trish Burr Design: Robin, DMC thread

I enjoyed stitching this little guy and the fun was greatly enhanced when several of us SF members (Stitchin’ Fingers website) who where stitching this piece begun chatting with … Read more

Bearded Iris, crewel yarn

crewel yarn

Needlepainting: long and short stitch

Tanja Berlin Design: Iris, crewel yarn.

I previously stitched this design in single stranded DMC cotton. When you purchase the Iris kit from Ms. Berlin you can purchase an extra piece of fabric with the … Read more

Lantana Flowers

Lantana Flowers BE

Lantana Flowers BE

This is a Brazilian embroidery design by Rosalie Wakefiel called Lantana which I downloaded for free from the Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Guild website.

Worked design size is four inch by 3.5 inch. I used a photo shop … Read more

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily BE

Tiger Lily, BE

Designer is Loretta Holzberger. This tiger lily design with a stitched diamond grid background was downloaded as a pdf file. The brilliant flowers are worked in knotted double cast-on stitches. Stitched area is approximately 4 x 6 … Read more