Christmas Tree on stand

EGA Faquier Chapter Fall 2013 President Challenge

This summer EGA Faquier (Virginia) members were challenged by the Chapter’s president to use the provided triangle or circle as a template, create a Christmas design, using at least three new stitches (to the member) and several types of thread.

I selected to learn the leaf stitch, a modified rhodes and a double eyelet. I used white and dark color metallic braid threads for the leaves and ornaments and I used red ribbon to make candles (straight stitch topped with a tiny french knot).

As a present to the members who completed the challenge, member (chapter’s previous president) Marian Dykes finished the trees. Ms. Dykes finishing, stitched backing, edging, adding the painted post and bottom stand turned my boring stitched piece into a delightful ornament to display.

Christmas Tree EGA

Christmas Tree EGA