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Dalmatian puppy watching butterfly

Dalmatian puppy watching butterfly

My husband gave me this Dimension cross stitch kit as a Christmas gift in 2016. We love our Dalmatians dogs and no way would I want them to lose even one of their lovely spots …. so took me a … Read more

Four Leafed Clover

Lucky four-leafed clover

Last year I purchased Sachiko Morimoto’s Stumpwork Flowers and quickly, upon viewing the pages, decided on several of her designs that I wanted to stitch. I used her Clover design as the basic for this worked piece. Because I haven’t … Read more

Fuchsia and Butterfly

Fuschia with Butterfly

This design is called Swingtime, designer is Loretta Holzberger.

The finished worked area is 5 by 7 inches. I purchased two of these kits from Ms. Holzberger web site. Kit included instructions, printed fabric, stump work fabric and wire for … Read more