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Dalmatian puppy watching butterfly

Dalmatian puppy watching butterfly

My husband gave me this Dimension cross stitch kit as a Christmas gift in 2016. We love our Dalmatians dogs and no way would I want them to lose even one of their lovely spots …. so took me a … Read more

Four Leafed Clover

Lucky four-leafed clover

Last year I purchased Sachiko Morimoto’s Stumpwork Flowers and quickly, upon viewing the pages, decided on several of her designs that I wanted to stitch. I used her Clover design as the basic for this worked piece. Because I haven’t … Read more

Fuchsia and Butterfly

Fuschia with Butterfly

This design is called Swingtime, designer is Loretta Holzberger.

The finished worked area is 5 by 7 inches. I purchased two of these kits from Ms. Holzberger web site. Kit included instructions, printed fabric, stump work fabric and wire for … Read more

Bumble Bee Lace Design, VS Cyberclass Sept 2014

Bumblebee Lace design

Victoria Sampler Bumblebee Lace design. My favorite stitches within this design are the diagonal ones (pulled straight crosses) and the corner blanket flowers both of which I worked in the light blue size 12 perle cotton. Threads, yarns, beads, and … Read more

Wicker Chair and Flowers Silk Ribbon Embroidery Kit

Wicker Chair and Flowers Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Designer: Di van Niekerk, Wicker Chair and Flowers Silk Ribbon Embroidery Kit

My first large silk ribbon embroidery project is this Di Van Niekerk kit. She has a web site that offers numerous designs and several silk ribbon stitching tutorials. … Read more