Tiny Santa and Tree

These two cross stitch patterns are worked over two threads and are 15 count square. Finished worked area of each is about 1.5 inch square.

Last year, or even maybe the year before, as a November or December promo I got one of these frames free when I placed an order from Nordic Needle website. I liked these snowflake looking frames such that I purchased three more thinking I’d make up a set of four winter theme ornaments. What I didn’t realized was how long it would take me to find patterns to fit this small size opening (about 1.5 inch round).

The fabric I choose is a 18 count mono, a dark green called Victorian Green. I used DMC, Anchor, silk and glitter Rainbow blending threads.

First attempted at the tree was done on 18 count mono over one thread cross stitch. It looked neat as I stitched but when placed in the opening of the wood ornament it was too tiny to see it was a tree.

These wood ornaments come with an easy to open/close back and a thin plastic front piece to keep the stitched piece from falling out. The outside dimension of this frame, point to opposite point is about 4 inches. If you have an interest to purchase the ornament, on the Nordic Needle website it is called Painted Snowflake Ornament.

I found the Santa in a Victoria Sampler bell pull design that I have and the tree came from a booklet of winter theme ornaments from Stoney Creek. Sad it took me over a year to keep digging through my stash of booklet patterns to find this Santa and tree.

I found it interesting to stitch the tree such that it was on an angle as I stitched and then rotate the finished piece to straighten the tree up.

I keep looking at the Santa wanting to give him eyes and nose, but my eyes were so worn out that I said the heck with it.

Scary part was cutting, snipping away until I could fit these two stitched little ones into the 1.5 inch round opening of the frames.

Tiny Christmas Ornaments

Tiny Christmas Ornaments