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Sunflowers, Silk Ribbon

Wild Flowers, silk ribbon

Silk ribbon kit given to me as a Christmas present. Fun to stitch. I was told purchased on Amazon. Instructions written in an Asia language so I could not read them, but no matter as two full photos were provided … Read more

Crewel Strawberry Patch

Strawberry patch crewel

Vintage 1981 strawberry patch crewel design, produced as a kit by Creative Expressions, purchased on eBay.

Approximately 7-inch square worked area.

Kit included design stamped on 10-inch square white 65% polyester/35% cotton fabric, Persian-type wool crewel yarn, an 8-inch hoop … Read more

Late Autumn, Hardanger

Late Autumn, Hardanger Design from Noelle Frances Designs

Late Autumn catches the changing colors as chilly mornings and frost tint the leaves and mums of summer.

An Intermediate level counted Hardanger needlework embroidery, Late Autumn is presented within a 25-plus page booklet. The design incorporates openwork areas worked … Read more

Snowman Decorating Holiday Tree

Snowman Decorating Holiday Tree

Snowman Decorating Holiday Tree is a 72 by 101 counted embroidery design. This 10-page full color booklet provides discussion of the chart accompanied by photos of the worked design.

Snowman Decorating Holiday Tree

Approximately 3 by 4.25-inches when worked on… Read more

Halloween 2017

Halloween Bargello

My 2017 Halloween worked design is based on Laura Perin’s Halloween Bargello.


Fabric used: Zweigart, 24 count Congress, 100% cotton, Powdered Spice.  Approximate finished worked area is 7.5 inches square.

Halloween 2017… Read more

Waves of Early Fall Bargello Embroidery Needlework

Waves of Early Fall
Waves of Early Fall design is a Bargello counted needlework embroidery presented within a 40-plus page booklet. This design utilizes the traditional Bargello method of needlework straight stitches worked in steps to create the design. Click the button named Bargello… Read more

Dalmatian puppy watching butterfly

Dalmatian puppy watching butterfly

My husband gave me this Dimension cross stitch kit as a Christmas gift in 2016. We love our Dalmatians dogs and no way would I want them to lose even one of their lovely spots …. so took me a … Read more

Flower Panel, Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Silk Ribbon Flower Panel

Designer: Di van Niekerk Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Printed Flower Design and Book

This worked piece is a Di van Niekerk design. I purchased the printed design fabric and the book for this design from her website. The printed size of … Read more

Entwined Pomegranates

Entwined Pomegranates, a Bargello needlework design

Entwined Pomegranates, a Bargello needlework design, is 233w by 213h, slightly under 13.5 by 11.75 inches when worked on 18 count canvas.

Presented within a 40-plus page booklet that is available in printed and Kindle format, this Bargello design may … Read more

Rosey Day

Rosey Day, a Hardanger design.

Rosey Day is a counted Hardanger needlework embroidery design presented in a 20-plus page booklet available in printed (8 by 10 inch size) and Kindle formats.

Worked on 22 count Vienna (62% cotton, 38% rayon) fabric (color Evening Rose). There … Read more