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Yosemite Dogwood


EdMar Threads, Thread Storage, and BE Designs:

I use EdMar rayon threads for working BE designs. EdMar threads are 100% rayon, come in 7 weights and numerous beautiful bright colors AND they are z-twisted. DMC and Anchor floss and perle/pearl … Read more

Fuchsia and Butterfly

Fuschia with Butterfly

This design is called Swingtime, designer is Loretta Holzberger.

The finished worked area is 5 by 7 inches. I purchased two of these kits from Ms. Holzberger web site. Kit included instructions, printed fabric, stump work fabric and wire for … Read more

Lilac Time

This is a Brazilian Embroidery design called Lilac Time. I purchased the design printed on a light natural color trigger fabric. Finished size is about 6 x 5 inches. Designer is Delma Moore.

Worked in Ed Mar rayon threads.

I … Read more

Four Some BE

Framed BE Four Some

For the last fourteen years (since we moved here) I have had two large square bare spots on the wall … located right behind my build-in sewing desk and beneath a (screwed onto the wall) wall-unit book case. My sewing … Read more

California Rose

California Rose

The designer is Maria Freitas. Purchased as a kit from came with instructions, pre-printed cream color 8 x 10 inch fabric (worked design is 1.5 x 4 inches), three BE needles, and Ed-Mar rayon threads as needed for the … Read more

Lantana Flowers

Lantana Flowers BE

This is a Brazilian embroidery design by Rosalie Wakefiel called Lantana which I downloaded for free from the Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Guild website.

Worked design size is four inch by 3.5 inch. I used a photo shop type product to … Read more

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily BE

Designer is Loretta Holzberger. This tiger lily design with a stitched diamond grid background was downloaded as a pdf file. The brilliant flowers are worked in knotted double cast-on stitches. Stitched area is approximately 4 x 6 inches.

I printed … Read more

Carnelias Brazilian

Carnelias BE

Carnelias Brazilian Embroidery Kit

This Carnelias plant and the tiny mushrooms (at bottom) are part of the Edmar BE Primavera design.

This Carnelias plant and the tiny mushrooms (at bottom) are part of the Edmar BE Primavera design. Worked in … Read more

Japanese Violets

Japanese Violets BE

Japanese Violets EdMar Brazilian Embroidery Kit

Beginners BE Kit 9 Japanese Violets.

This kit’s purpose is to teach the 30+ wrapped bullion stitch.

Worked design area is six inch square, the fabric is white. You might note I removed … Read more

Peach Blossums

Peach Blossoms BE

Peach Blossums BE Embroidery Kit

This is a beginners BE kit from, kit 6, to learn the detached buttonhole stitch using rayon threads.

Finished size 6 inch square.

My only disappointment with the kit is that the photo on … Read more