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Ladybug, Narcissus and Lily

Ladybug, narcissus flowers and lily
I worked this using one strand of Caron Wildflowers color 219 (Cardinal) and one strand of a dark gray-black DMC stranded floss.I noticed who ever designed this printed panel incorrectly wrote ladybird instead of ladybug. I didn’t bother to try… Read more

Red hot poker, Arum and Natal lilies

Natal Lily, Red Hot Poker and Arum
Design called for the stems to be worked in wrapped wire, instead I did 13-20 wrapped bullions using straw needle. Waxing of needle and light waxing of 6-ply (un-separated) stranded floss makes it easier to pull through long bullions.

Two … Read more

Floral panel, Fuchsia flowers

Fuchsia Flowers

These Fuchsia flowers and buds are quite different from the suggested style shown within Di van Niekerk’s book for this floral panel. They are more like the ones that we have locally.

These Fuchsia flowers and buds are worked in … Read more

Floral panel, tall flowers

Agapanthus, Beetle Daisey, Delphinium, Hollyhock

The flowers of the red Hollyhocks are detached buttonhole using a strand of Caron Wildflower cotton, color 219 Cardinal. Eyes of the flowers are a sunflower yellow tube type length of chained thread called French Ribbon (between 2mm and 4mm … Read more

Iris, rock roses and forget-me-nots

Yellow Iris

I did not like the floppy irises shown within the instruction book for this section and decided to change them to look more like the irises shown in Ann Cox’s A-Z of Silk ribbon flowers book.

The Iris stems (twisted … Read more

Panies and Tulips, silk ribbon flowers

Pansies and Tulips

I sure did drag my feet getting started on stitching this panel of the Di van NieKerk design.

The Pansy petals and leaves.

I am not much for free hand tracing of designs onto fabric. So I wasn’t overly happy … Read more

Orange Tree and Forget-Me-Nots, silk ribbon flowers

Orange Tree

For a panel of a Di van NieKerk design, detailed instructions are presented in her book: Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork .

The weaved basket: (Stitched using Perle 8, Sea Sands, color number 70 purchased from Di van NieKerk website).

Directions … Read more