Folded Star table runner

Green Folded Star

Folded Star Trivet made into a table runner.  12- by 40-inches. 

Folded Star Table Runner

Folded Star back view

Green Folded Star

Red Orange Folded Star

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Gerbera, ME

Gerbera Placemat

Machine embroidery. 5 by 7-inches. Placemat.

Design purchased from Esty seller Tarinaembroidery.

Gerbera Placemat

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Lilac placemat and napkins

Lilac napkin closeup Tarina

Machine embroidery. Purchased from Esty seller Tarinaembroidery.

5 x 7-inch design. Napkins stitched with darker purple range of color.

Lilac placemat

Lilac napkins

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Foxglove placemats, ME

orange and purple foxglove platemats

Foxglove place mats. Machine embroidery design purchased from Esty seller Tarinaembroidery.

The yellow foxglove:  threads are a lot more golden in tone.

The purple foxglove: same, the threads are a lot more brilliant than the photo shows.

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Blue Bonnet, table napkins, ME

Blue bonnet flower

Machine embroidered Blue Bonnets. Design purchased from Embroider Library. Stitched size 2.5 by 7-inches on 16 by 16-inch cotton table napkin.

Blue bonnet table napkins

Blue bonnet flower

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