Christmas Tree Card

Christmas Card

Hardanger Christmas tree pattern, based on a Kreinik freebie design. When worked on 22 count this design just fits an oval shape cut-out window of the purchased card that I used.

Web searching for freebie patterns I found the below …

Net Darning

Net darning

Winter Snowflakes

Winter Reindeer

Each year I like to surf eBay and purchase a give-to-myself gift for Christmas. I have two criterias: under $15 and that the design includes something new to try. Last summer I came upon several net …

Swirling Pin Wheels

Swirling Pin WheelsThe Swirling Pin Wheels design is a counted Hardanger and Rhodes stitch needlework embroidery available in printed and Kindle formats. Over the past winter children from our town’s day care center stuck red and blue pin wheels along the edge…

Permin kits:

Connie I stated 9 designs in the email to you but I included the first one below, Permin 10-7668. I was hoping to find a better photo of it but it’s white on white, kind of hard to …

Gingerbread Sweet Box

Holiday Sweets

Holiday Sweets

Holiday Sweets is a Stoney Creek design that was presented in their August 2014 Magazine.

From their website I purchased the magazine, the button pack for this design and the oval shaped pressed paper box. The oval box …

Fall Colors Doily

fall color doily

Fall Color Doily

This 4.5 inch square doily was worked on 18 count Aida, color Country Mocha. Mums and acorns are my own designs that I came up with after web surfing and viewing numerous posted finished stitched pieces (I…

Strawberry Hardanger Runner

Permin Strawberry runner

This 10.5 inch by 24 inch long runner is based on the Permin of Copenhagen design Strawberries. The original design has a lot more open work down the long sides. I also incorporated Rhode Stitch shaped dots.

This was worked …




Crossed Wing Colletion, Chickadee No2.

First time in a while that I totally just chilled out and had fun with an embroidery pattern. I just finished three, what I consider intense pieces (the two panels within my silk ribbon …

Floral panel, Fuchsia flowers

Fuchsia Flowers

Fuchsia Flowers

These Fuchsia flowers and buds are quite different from the suggested style shown within Di van Niekerk’s book for this floral panel. They are more like the ones that we have locally.

These Fuchsia flowers and buds are …