Red hot poker, Arum and Natal lilies

Natal Lily, Red Hot Poker and Arum

Arum flowers and leaves

Design called for the stems to be worked in wrapped wire, instead I did 13-20 wrapped bullions using straw needle. Waxing of needle and light waxing of 6-ply (un-separated) stranded floss makes it easier to pull …

Permin kits:

Connie I stated 9 designs in the email to you but I included the first one below, Permin 10-7668. I was hoping to find a better photo of it but it’s white on white, kind of hard to …

Lavender, Daffodils and Viola, silk ribbon flowers

Lavender, Daffodils and Viola

Lavender, Daffodils and Viola

The green stems and leaves for the Daffodils plus the solid color purple petals and solid color yellow petals of the viola flowers are all worked in 7mm satin ribbon purchased on eBay.

The solid color …


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These are inspiring worked pieces that I have seen on the web. Some I have purchased, others are here to remind me of interesting this and that techniques that the embroider has used.…