Bowl of Pansies, Elsa Williams

Bowl of Pansies, Elsa Williams

Stitched by my mother, Frances Bellmann in the 1965(?).

Designer:Elsa Williams

Bowl of Pansies.

17 inch square Belgian linen fabric, design size is 8.5 inch by 9.5 inch.

I like to browse ebay now and then looking for Elsa William’s … Read more

Elsa Williams design: Berry Wreath

Berry Wreath, Elsa Williams Design

Wild Berries Crewel Embroidery Kit, by E. Rush for Elsa Williams. I used a shadow box frame, 16 inch x 20 inch.

Kit contains: design screened on linen/cotton blend fabric, "The Color Organizer" with presorted Paternayan 100% wool crewel yarn.… Read more

Floral Panel, Hazel Blomkamp design

Floral panel, Hazel Blomkamp design

Needlepainting, Crewel

Crewel is my favorite stitching, especially Elsa Williams kits. In the last few months I have begun to stitch Hazel Bloomkamp ( designs. For me crewel means a design worked in high quality 3-ply wool yarn, Hazel designs … Read more

New Bedford Bellpull, Elsa Williams design

New Bedford Bellpull, Elsa Williams

Elsa Williams design: New Bedford Bellpull

I liked the crewel yarns that came with this kit, but I wanted more range of orange through red colors so added Renaissance Dyeing Wool (formerly Broider Wul) and Fine d’Aubusson Embroidery Wool which … Read more

Bearded Iris, Tanja Berlin design

single stranded DMC

Needlepainting: long and short stitch

Tanja Berlin Design: Iris

The designer Tanja Berlin offers a detailed instruction booklet for this Iris design and you can send photos and questions to her as you work the piece. Midway through my stitching … Read more

Mini-Robin, Trish Burr Design

Mini-Robin, Trish Burr Design

Needlepainting: long and short stitch

Trish Burr Design: Robin, DMC thread

I enjoyed stitching this little guy and the fun was greatly enhanced when several of us SF members (Stitchin’ Fingers website) who where stitching this piece begun chatting with … Read more

Bearded Iris, crewel yarn

crewel yarn

Needlepainting: long and short stitch

Tanja Berlin Design: Iris, crewel yarn.

I previously stitched this design in single stranded DMC cotton. When you purchase the Iris kit from Ms. Berlin you can purchase an extra piece of fabric with the … Read more