Floral Panel, Hazel Blomkamp design

Needlepainting, Crewel

Crewel is my favorite stitching, especially designs from Elsa Williams, Hazel Bloomkamp (http://www.hazelblomkamp.co/) and Tanja Berlin. For me crewel means a design worked on a nice cotton fabric such as a fine linen and in high quality crewel yarn. Most of my Elsa Williams were kits that came with Persian crewel wool. Hazel and Tanja designs are worked in single strand cotton threads such as Anchor and DMC.

For comparison between the same design worked in crewel or floss, view the Tanja design that I worked: Irises in crewel yarn and DMC floss

For this floral design, I purchased it from Hazel Blomkamp’s website. Kit included printed fabric and design booklet. Her booklet provides the listing of DMC and Anchor threads one needs to purchase.

Worked in single stranded DMC. The printed work area is six inches by seven inches.

The wings of the yellow and black butterfly are yellow organza fabric.  I am not sure whether the butterfly was part of the original design or if I added it.

There’s a cute stitched lady bug left on the top rose bug. I tried to photo this worked piece so the lady bug showed up but its red thread does not show well in this photo.

Floral panel, Hazel Blomkamp design

Floral panel, Hazel Blomkamp design