Fuchsia Stumpwork Embroidery

Fuchsia Stumpwork BE

Designer is Loretta Holzberger, design is called Swingtime and is fuchsia flowers, leaves and a butterfly (which I still need to stitch and add to the worked piece). I purchased the kit from her website.

Worked area is approximately 5 … Read more

Yosemite Dogwood

Yosemite Dogwood
The design is called Sharon’s Yosemite Dogwood. The design is a 2.5 x 3.5 inch oval and pre-printed on ivory trigger cloth.

My sister gave this design to me as a kit purchased from the Nordic Needle web site. This … Read more

Turkey Stitch

Turkey Stitch


Mary Corbet’s website has a good tutorial for learning the turkey stitch.… Read more

Yellow Cornflowers

Yellow Cornflowers BE

Yellow Cornflowers Brazilian Embroidery Kit

This is a Brazilian embroidery Edmar kit of a yellow cornflower plant. This yellow cornflower is part of the Edmar BE Primavera design.

Worked in EdMar rayon threads, the stitched area is approximately 2 by … Read more

Violet bellpull

Violet bellpull

I like small bits of color on our walls and I have found bell pulls provide these points of interest in my kitchen and bedroom.

The violets came from a free downloaded pattern from the Cross Stitcher Club website.

Stitched … Read more

Permin kits:

Connie I stated 9 designs in the email to you but I included the first one below, Permin 10-7668. I was hoping to find a better photo of it but it’s white on white, kind of hard to … Read more