Brazilian Embroidery, a short discussion:

I found and daily begun to view the Stitchin’ Fingers website in time January 2013. Just in time to view the posting of Margo Brook’s Primavera (Brazilian Embroidery). For years I have been seeing this lovely style of embroidery and … Read more

Cross-Needle Hydrangea

Cross-Needle Hydrangea

Those who are familiar with this Cross-Needle Hydrangea BE design that I purchased from the website will pick up on the fact that I still have more French knots to stitch on the weedy or twig like top branches.… Read more

Grape Iris

Elsa Williams's Grape Iris
Needlepainting: long and short stitch Michelle Palmer / Elsa Williams design: Grape Iris

Elsa Williams’s Grape Iris

This is from a vintage Elsa Williams kit.

The supplied wool is Paternayan and the fabric is 51 percent linen and 49 percent … Read more

Feather Stitch

Feather Stitching


You can see how long the stitches are here, to get the right angle going into the feather.… Read more

Orange Tree and Forget-Me-Nots, silk ribbon flowers

Orange Tree

Orange Tree

For a panel of a Di van NieKerk design, detailed instructions are presented in her book: Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork .

weaved basket

The weaved basket: (Stitched using Perle 8, Sea Sands, color number 70 purchased from Di… Read more

Lavender, Daffodils and Viola, silk ribbon flowers

Lavender, Daffodils and Viola

Lavender, Daffodils and Viola

The green stems and leaves for the Daffodils plus the solid color purple petals and solid color yellow petals of the viola flowers are all worked in 7mm satin ribbon purchased on eBay.

The solid color … Read more