Retro flower truck

Retro Flower Truck — Machine Embroidery

Thread:  New Brothread   Embroidery machine Brother PE 800. Embroidery Library design, 35K stitches. Hoop 5×7-inches.

14×23-inch canvas bag. Large enough to work on as I had planned to stitch the design on the back side of the bag between the two straps. Upon receiving the bag I decided I wanted it on the pocket which meant I had to remove the pocket flap in order to stitch on it. That made it very easy to do the embroidery stitching using the PE800 but stitching the pocket flap back on through the canvas of the straps and canvas front was too thick for my regular sewing machine. I did not want to take it to a heavy duty sewing person like a dress maker or shoe repair person. I hand sewed the pocket flap back onto the bag. Hours of work but I am happy with the end result.

retro flower truck feature photo

Embroidery Library designs, Retro flower truck, 11K stitches