Southern Welcome

Counted Cross-Stitch

Southern Welcome, design purchased from Blackberry Lanes.

I have photo this pineapple so many times since I finished it before Thanksgiving that I feel like screaming. The colors of the worked piece are brillant, and the overall finished area is sharp in details … not in photos.

Again and again the soft white background comes out looking like it goes from pink to blue. The stitched area looks blurred. I tried two cameras, forget it this finished piece doesn’t want to take a good photo. Shame as it took so much work to stitch.

The design count is 55 w by 66 h, uses many greens and yellows.

For Christmas, my sister and I like to stitch each other a finished piece small enough to fit into a window card. This was my 2012 stitched window card piece that I sent to Carol. Stitched on a bright white evenware 28 count, cross stitched 1 strand over 1 fabric thread, finished size 1 7/8 in by 2 1/4 in. You can see a worked piece at this size on the Blackberry Lane website.

The changing and carrying of threads was a pain, but the results, in the one I did my sister was beautiful.

Liking the one I sent Carol so much, I wanted a pineapple for myself but my eyes couldn’t take another 28 count project so soon, so I decided to do it on soft winter white, 18 count aida.

On the 18 count fabric, I did it in cross stitch, two strands of floss over two fabric threads. I wanted a stronger effort of color so I added a middle straight stitch to each cross stitch as I worked. That stitch is like an eyelet with no horizontal straight stitch.

Finished design area on the 18 count is 5.5 inch w by 7 inch h.

Southern Welcome

Southern Welcome