Bulbs planted Fall 2022

Brecks El Nino Tulip

Brecks El Nino Tulip, 10 bulbs

LIGHT Full Sun, Partial Shade, SIZE 14+ cm, ZONE 3-8
BLOOM TIME Late spring (May), HEIGHT 35 – 40 inches. One of the tallest tulips around!

Blooms are larger than most. What’s more, no two look exactly the same. Amber, orange or sometimes both are overlaid with stripes of rose or specks of red. The colours get more intense as the bloom matures! When spring staples like daffodils and hyacinths begin to fade, El Niño vibrant, massive blooms will keep the momentum going until your sizzling summer show can take over!

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘El Niño’, Flower Form: Egg-shape, very large cup, Foliage Type: Upright lanceolate

Growth Rate: Medium, Height/Habit: 35 – 40 inches, Spread: 3 – 6 inches, Planting Instructions_ 6″ deep and 3 – 6″ apart

Brecks Red Riding Hood Tulip

Brecks Red Riding Hood Tulip. 10 bulbs.

LIGHT Full Sun, Partial Shade, SIZE 12+ cm, ZONE 3-8, BLOOM TIME Mid spring
HEIGHT 10 – 12 inches, SOIL REQUIREMENT Well drained, ATTRACT BEESBotanical Name: Tulipa greigii ‘Red Riding Hood’
Form: Perennial, Hardiness: Zone3-8, Flowering Time: Mid spring
Light Requirements: Full Sun, Partial Shade
Flower Color: Exquisite red colour with black heart inside the cup.
Flower Form: Egg shape form, Foliage Type: Gray-green, linear or broadly ovate.
Growth Rate: Medium

Height/Habit: 10 – 12 inches, Spread: 3 – 6 inches, Planting Instructions: 6″ deep and 3-6″ apart

Brecks Yellow Jonquils

Brecks Yellow Jonquils. 15 bulbs.

Enormous, yellow jonquils deliver an extra-long bloom time and exceptionally bright, pure yellow colour.
LIGHT Full Sun, Partial Shade, SIZE 12-14 cm, ZONE 3-8
BLOOM TIME Early to mid spring, HEIGHT 16 – 18 inchesBotanical Name: Narcissus trumpet ‘Dutch Master’
Flower Color: Exceptionally bright, pure yellow, Flower Form: 4″ trumpet shaped flower
Foliage Type: Rich, long green, strap like leaves., Growth Rate: Medium
Height/Habit: 16 – 18 inches, Spread: 4 – 6 inches, Planting Instructions: 6″ deep and 4 – 6″ apart