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Hardanger Christmas Wreath, Thea Dueck Design


Victoria Sampler, Thea Dueck Design: Hardanger Christmas wreath

I have worked this Victoria Sampler design from stash threads, ribbons and fabric. Last week I was visiting the Victoria Sampler website to read their current newsletter and discovered they are planning … Read more

Hardanger, Black and White


A bit more modern styled hardanger design then I normally do.

Finished size is 10 x 10 inches on 22 count linen. The piece of supplied linen was about 13 inch square. I greatly enjoyed the stiffness of this linen. … Read more

Hardanger, Rustic Fall

Hardanger Rustic Fall

Early summer I decided to stitch three pieces for this fall as I have very little fall colors in my finished embroidered pieces. This week I finished the first piece, my Grevillea Brazilian embroidery and this is the second. My … Read more

Hardanger, Rainbow doily

Hardanger doily

Rainbow color diamond doily with flowers

I had wondered what it would look like to combo strong colored floss with white hardanger style design.

I purchased this pre-edged fabric from Nordic Needle. This finished doily is produced by Ubelhor in … Read more

Hardanger, Table runner


Hardanger embroidery table runner with cross stitched viola flowers.

This is a Permin of Copenhagen kit. It included 22 count pale grey Hardanger fabric, white pearl cotton, lavender, purple, yellow and green embroidery floss, chart, instructions and thread organizer. Finished … Read more

Violet bellpull

Violet bellpull

I like small bits of color on our walls and I have found bell pulls provide these points of interest in my kitchen and bedroom.

The violets came from a free downloaded pattern from the Cross Stitcher Club website.

Stitched … Read more