Hardanger, Black and White

A bit more modern styled hardanger design then I normally do.

Finished size is 10 x 10 inches on 22 count linen. The piece of supplied linen was about 13 inch square. I greatly enjoyed the stiffness of this linen. The color of the supplied linen is a med grey beige color.

This is a Permin of Copenhagen kit called Hardanger Natural Tabletopper Kit that I purchased on the Nordic Needle website. The skill level is listed as intermediate. I mostly adhered to the design but did make changes here and there.

The kit supplied the linen, threads, design chart and skimpy stitch directions (meaning you need to know how to stitch woven bars, kloster blocks, etc. or look up the stitches before you begin).



The kit supplied threads were size 5 and size 8 white, a size 8 beige, and DMC 6 strand black floss.

The threads do not come marked as size 8 or size 5, so you need to know that the size 5 is a heavier thread than a size 8.

Because I changed the design, I needed more of the size 5 white thread and the size 8 beige thread. As the instructions listed the color number for these threads I purchased some at a store.

All my stitching was done using single strand (white or beige) except for the black floss of which I used two strands.