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Indoor Seeds Spring 2022

zohan sunflower
Start indoors in the Spring: Celebrity Mix Petunia Seeds

Bloom Start to End Early Summer – Late Summer Habit Compact

Plant Height 12 in. Plant Width 2 ft 6 in. Bloom Size 3 in – 4 in

Ever Blooming

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Direct Seeds Spring 2022

Profusion AAS Mix Zinnia Seeds


Direct sow in Spring 2022:

Perform best in a rich, moist soil. Full sun – partial shade.

Germination: 15-20 days. Height: 3′.

Plant Type: Perennial Flower.  Days To Bloom: 70 – 100 Days

After all danger of frost, sow … Read more

Bulbs Fall 2021

Tricolor Specie Crocus square
Bulbs 2021: Lily of the Valley:

Transplanted left side, 09/29/2021.Lily of the valley produces pretty red berries, all parts of this plant are poisonous.

Transplant the lily of the valley sprigs immediately. Keep roots and rhizomes moist.

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Direct sow in Fall 2021

Direct sow in Fall: Hummingbird Wildflower Mix Seeds

Annual and perennial varieties, all are open-pollinated, so they will set seed that you can collect or let self-sow for years of beauty.

Mix Includes: Phlox, Lupine, Columbine, Four o’Clock, Gayfeather, Lemon … Read more

Direct Bareroot Spring 2022

Corydalis, 3½” bunches of delicate hanging blue bells are hardy and strong. And the bells don’t need chill to chime: no cold period necessary for fantastic summer blooms.

Form: Perennial Sun Exposure: Partial Shade, Full Shade Height/Habit: 10 – 12… Read more

Herbs Spring 2022



Days to Maturity: 56 from direct sow

Borage makes strawberries fruit more heavily, keeps hornworms off the tomatoes, and increases yields of cucumbers, gourds, and other fruiting plants. Borage is more than just a pleasant edible herb. It’s … Read more


Cherry Bomb 150

Violet Barn Streptocarpus plants: Many will have semidouble or double blooms, which means flowers last longer and don’t fall from stems when faded.  A few are even fragrant!

Plants shipped in 2″ pots.

These gesneriads will bloom heavily year-round.  Very … Read more

Veggies Spring 2022

Burpee winter Acorn Table Queen
Veggies: How to Prepare Eggshells for Tomato Plants Eggshells contains salmonella and other residues that can attracts pests like pesky slugs into your garden. Before using them as a fertilizer, it is important to wash them thoroughly and air them… Read more