Wisteria Silk Ribbon Embroidery Kit

This was my first attempt at ribbon embroidery, I started this kit, about six hours I just didn’t want to stop stitching, I was having that much fun. Thank goodness it is a beginners kit and so only about six inch square piece.

This Wisteria kit is by Helen Dafter of Silk Ribbon Embroidery. Her kit came with two purples, I had on hand a Dinkydyes Orchid 4mm silk ribbon so I included that for a bit more difference in the look of each wisteria flowering group.

Two needles came with the kit, a bit of surprise is that they were just tossed into the plastic bag and would had fallen out onto my rug if I hadn’t seen them floating about. These loose needles truly annoyed me as I am very careful not to drop a needle to the rug as we have pets that hang out with me as I work.

I also used a large darner needle that came with my BE kit to do the French knots as the darner is a straight, long needle (easy to do bullion and French knots using it).

For the leaves I used my layering needle (long, blunt ended) to help me control the silk ribbon at the end part of each ribbon stitch used for the leaves.

Wisteria Silk RIbbon Embroidery

Wisteria Silk RIbbon Embroidery