Needle rolls

Victoria Sampler Blue Carnation Cracker

This is my first cracker. I think it is quite cute and I am looking forward to doing several more.

This design came from the Victoria Sampler Blue Carnation cracker pattern.

I didn’t closely checked this as I found this fabric piece in my stash, but I believe it is 28 count Amsterdam Blue Cashel Linen.

Stitches were Backstitching, Lazy Daisy Stitches, Scotch Stitch, Pulled Wave Variation, Satin Stitched Wave Stitches, French Knots. The design also used Pulled Pin Stitches and Bricking Stitches, but I did not do them.

I didn’t have much of a great impression until I snipped the scalloped edging and pulled the ribbons tight to create the cracker and then I really liked my finished piece.

The overall length of the cracker is about 6 inches, and I used a cut short (maybe 5 inches) paper towel cardboard roll placed inside to give the cracker structure.

Also another delight is that the fabric, beads, ribbons, and threads were leftover from other projects so I didn’t have to purchase anything.

Needle rolls

Needle rolls