Rolled Roses

Brazilian Embroidery Kit

I am stitching my way through five of the BE beginners kits from the website. Learning a lot. My bullion stitches are greatly improving, so is my stem stitching.

For those who know this kit, you are probably thinking I don’t recall any tangerine color flowers in that design. You are right. I stitched the complete design, found the colors of the finished piece a bit quiet for me, so I removed 5 of the rolled roses and replaced them with the tangerine color flowers.

The rolled roses are all bullion stitching, uses Lola thread for the roses.

The tangerine ones are a BE cross needle stitch I learned in a previous BE kit, uses boucle thread for the hydrangea flowers.

Also there are French knots among the stems. For these French Knots the design called for using white Glory thread, I used two Glory threads in the same needle, a white and a yellow thread to make the overall finished piece have more color.

Design area is 2.5 inch by 4.5 inch.

All threads are rayon.

Rolled Roses

Rolled Roses