Shirt flannel quilt throw

soft green, shirt flannel throw

Originally purchased to be used as the backing fabric for a large quilt. Upon feeling the soft feel of this flannel fabric, I decided to make it into a light weight throw.

Purchased from, I purchased a one yard … Read more

Floral Festive Bell Pull, Crewel

Elsa Williams bell pull, designed by Michael A. LeClair.  Kit name: Floral Festive Bell Pull.  7″ x 33″ finish size.  Worked in Paternayan, 100% crewel wool and Renaissance Dyeing Company (France), 100% sheep wool, naturally-dyed.… Read more

Moose and Bear Quilt

Bear and Moose applique cutouts from Accuquilt dies.

Embrilliance Software provided stipple around leaves, wild birds and berries. ​

Pheasant Pheasant

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Bright Quilt 12-inch blocks and Stuart Hill 12-inch blocks

Stuart Hill Spinning Mill Star 12 inch

12-inch blocks for Stuart Hill runner and Accuquilt Bright runner.

12-inch finished block. — Half Square Triangles created by placining two 3 1/2-inch squares, front fabric sides facing. Stitched diagonal, snipped 1/4-inch from stitch line to create the ivory/red fabric… Read more