About me

I have been embroidery stitching for decades and I am still learning lots of new stuff about crewel, needlepainting, cross-stitching, bargello and such all the time. 2012 I begun learning hardanger and in 2013 I begun to learn Brazilian Embroidery (BE). 2014 will be my year for beginning to learn stump work.

I like stitching bookmarks. Ok, yes I know most people think they are old fashioned but they are useful. I use them for their original purpose, to mark that special page in an embroidery book that I just know I’ll be viewing again and again (which I seldom get back to before months past by) but bookmarks are a quick stitch and neat to set about my rooms on cabinet tops … they just add little pop up bits of color here and there.

This blog, a-stitching-good-time, is my personal blog. Be warned beforehand that the text might be choppy within these postings because this blog is my journal. The place where I put quick notes on each worked item to remind me the threads I used and anything different that I did with a particular stitch.

I am quite proud of each of my embroidery projects so I hope you will take a look at them. If worked from a kit, on most, I have listed the designer and the design name, and the place of purchase.