BE Floral Starter

BE Floral Starter

BE Floral Starter

This design is from the JDR-BE websites: Beginners BE start kit.

I duplicated several flowers into the design to fill it out a bit more. My finished size is about 8 inch square.

The beginner’s kit included everything I needed (instruction booklet, EdMar rayon threads, needles, etc.) except for thread wax and scissors. In 2017 I visited the website just to make sure they still offered this kit. They did, but from the photo it looked like they might not be including the 16-slotted thread organizer that I discussed on my blog page Discussing BE. The 16 slotted organizer is in the list of items within the starter kit. If you want to make sure which thread organizer is included within the kit my suggestion is to go to their contact webpage and email Sunshine asking her about this. I have emailed her several times over the years with questions and she has always been quite nice and helpful.

Back to this worked design … I also provided the three beads that I put into the center of the Japanese Violet (two-tone purple bullions stitches).

The below 12 BE style flowers are represented in the design and were stitched in Lola, Iris and other weights of rayon thread.

Gerone Daisy: Lola

Lazy Daisy: Iris Lola.

Rolled Rose: Iris

Cast-on Flower: Lola.

Peach Blossom: Nova

Carnation: Lola

Cross-Needle Hydrangea: Boucle

Creeping Flower: Iris, Glory

Bossa Nova Rose: Lola

Japanese Violet: Lola

Greens: Lola

Medium Greens: Iris

Fine Greens: Glory

BE Floral Starter

BE Floral Starter